Proposal & Objectives


Our Village Shop has been created in Lodsworth with the following principal objectives:

•    To develop and sustain a community shop within the parish
•    To support local businesses and the rural economy by providing an outlet for: local fresh, frozen and processed produce, preferably straight from farms as well as surplus crops from allotments and other local products such as pottery, ceramics.
•    To promote, encourage and provide a central meeting point & a coffee shop.
•    To be a centre for community information
•    To provide services such as Point-of-Delivery and Collection; dry cleaning pickup, prescriptions, and third-party postal services.
•    To be a not-for-profit making enterprise owned by the community for the benefit of the community
•    To provide retail goods and services from a convenient location to all the residents
•    To raise funds for community projects and enhance our environment
•    To provide training and voluntary work opportunities for the elderly and disabled.

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