The Shop Offer


Our eco-friendly shop’s offer is primarily designed to meet the needs for convenience shopping (fresh produce, meal-for-tonight, top-up items) for the local area, minimising the need for car journeys for those 'essentials'.

The range includes:
•    Staple products and local produce comprising fresh fruit and vegetables
•    Meat & Fish
•    Bread, milk etc.
•    Wines ands spirits
•    Newspapers and magazines
•    Top up household essentials
•    Frozen food

In addition, we offer:
•    A range of impulse items (chocolates, fine wines etc.)
•    Freshly prepared sandwiches/deli items such quiche
•    Fresh brewed coffee

Ancillary services:
•    To act as a drop off and collection point for villagers who may be unable to be at home all day and to assist the elderly and/or infirm by reducing the need to travel to neighbouring towns.

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